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Backup is one of the most important considerations. Your data can't be easily replaced if it's lost, so it's crucial that you have a reliable method of keeping your data safe. Traditional backup systems usually require regular intervention such as changing drives over or even manually copying data, but with our Cloud Backup solution your data is backed up automatically so you can have complete peace of mind that even your most recent data is safe. The backup system can be installed on multiple computers making sure that nothing is missed. Rather than making copies of your data onto portable hard drives, your data is securely uploaded via the internet and securely stored on servers at our datacenters. You can access your backed up data whenever you need to, wherever you are.

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Our backup solution is fully automated. Once it has been installed and configured, all of the data is uploaded. When the initial backup is complete, the system is monitored for changes. When a new file is created, or an existing file is modified, it will be backed up. Files which have not been changed will not be re-uploaded, saving you bandwidth. The system checks for changes at scheduled intervals ranging from hourly to daily, so you don't need to worry about swapping drives over or running backups manually.



We take data security very seriously. When your data is uploaded to our servers, it uses an encrypted connection which prevents hackers from stealing your information while it's in transmission. The data is also encrypted when it is stored on the servers at our datacentres. For security reasons, we do not disclose information about the location of our datacentres - but you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

We'll take care of installing and configuring your backup. Once it's up and running, you will be given access to a web portal where you can access your backed up data whenever you need it. In the event that you need assistance recovering data, your dedicated account manager will be able to help. We'll check your account regularly to ensure everything is working properly.

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Established in 2017, Goldstar Networks have become one of the UK's leading managed service providers offering next-generation technology and connectivity solutions to businesses. Our primary focus is to help businesses communicate with their customers and provide access to the growing range of digital resources.

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It's not easy keeping up to date with technology. Sometimes it seems after investing in something new it's obsolete within a few years. Our managed solutions are cloud-based, which means when we upgrade our systems, you immediately benefit from the improvements without additional cost.

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